Official Smogon Tournament XIX - Round of 16 (REPLAYS REQUIRED)

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Well, my run is over, Im very proud of myself for making it Top 16 on my first ever OST tho, and I hope I keep doing just as good or better on future SV OU tournaments, I could have probably done better on some matches, there were some I might have gotten a bit desperate. I have yet more to improve in both play and teambuild (teambuild is my favorite part).

Thank you to my last oponnent for being patience with our schedule issue, hope you also keep doing good on the rest of the tour and congrats on Top 8!

Massive S/o to ZDen Gondra to help me with advices and opinions on my teams during the weeks, and MassiveDestruction for cheering for me during my matches.

S/o to my good UU friends haxlolo Sulo romanji Corperate n sanguine Totomon Slip for also cheering for me, Im the one of the group that left UU to become an OU main and you always have supported me, I have the best wishes for you in all UU tours you end up playing.

S/o also to PIA server for also cheering me on my Top 16 achievement, pokemonisfun hariyana grande Queen of Bean Zerkas Clefable pomfpomfpluff ramydos @ anyone else I didnt ping, means a lot to me.

S/o to any Hispanic user that also cheered for me, specially to my Latam compatriots, I hope we can bring a trophy to our region once again in the future.

S/o to anyone that cheered for me in general during my matches.

I dont have any particular favorite player to win, so good luck to everyone!

Never been in this situation so will try to explain as fairly as I can:

mind gaming missed our scheduled time of 1:30 PM (GMT -4) today. Scheduling conversation [link] and agreed upon time [link]. I messaged him 5 minutes before the scheduled time indicating I was good to go and received a response 31 minutes after the scheduled time [link]. As I said here, I made plans for 3 PM with the scheduled time considered, so my window to play and availability for the remainder of the day thereafter became undesirable for me after his late arrival. Although mind was offline on Discord during the scheduled time, I was told there were also issues people were having with logging into PS servers during this time range and am unsure how this factors into things.

Weekdays are really inconvenient for me due to my late/erratic work hours. In the previous round, I accommodated and blocked off time from work to play an extension on Tuesday afternoon [the only time I can potentially make during the extension range provided in the OP] after my opponent was unable to make our scheduled time on Sunday. I tried to look into whether I could arrange this for myself again for this week given the situation and was unsuccessful, and this is something I wanted to avoid, which I mentioned in the original conversation [link]. My hands are a bit tied here so this is an activity claim.

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